Four charged in $17 million Project Bridle Path mortgage fraud investigation

Sophisticated mortgage fraud schemes are becoming more and more common. Be careful when choosing the ‘private financing’ route. Know who you are dealing with and ensure you don’t end up being part of a mortgage fraud scheme or worse, money laundering scheme.

Forex Investors May Face $1 Billion Loss as Trade Site Vanishes

This type of fraud seems to happen more often these days.  Forex trading is fraught with risks in itself.  To protect yourself, always do your due diligence before investing with any individual and / or company especially online companies who can easily misrepresent themselves.

And don’t stop there.  Conducting a post-investment due diligence is a great way to identify when legitimate companies are heading for trouble.  Often, companies can cut and run after years in business.  There are often signs before hand so if you are paying attention, you may have a better chance to get out before its too late.


Enviro-Lynx Investigation has just won the 2013 FRAUD INVESTIGATOR OF THE YEAR – CANADA award by Acquisition International –  the sponsors of the M&A Awards!  Enviro-Lynx Investigation has previously won this award in 2012.


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ACFE’s Fraud Podcasts – Fraud Talk

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Helpful Fraud Prevention Links

Here is a helpful practical guide for business on managing the risks of fraud. This guide was published by the ACFE, AICPA and the Institute of Internal Auditors:

This short and effective presentation from the ACFE provides simple steps any organization can take immediately to help prevent and detect fraud.

One of the best defenses against fraud is a workforce that is trained in prevention and detection. This guide provides useful information and important considerations for developing an anti-fraud training program for your employees: .

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Fraud Investigators of the Year Award

Enviro-Lynx Investigations was named the 2012 FRAUD INVESTIGATORS OF THE YEAR FOR CANADA by Acquisition International. For more information, you can visit their website for the list of Award Winners at: